About BizTracks
BizTracks is a comprehensive and integrated Business Management Software package that incorporates Debtors, Creditors and Stock Control. BizTracks was developed to be very simple to use and extremely user friendly.
BizTracks has the ability to control and report on an almost unlimited number of customers, suppliers and business transactions. Special attention has been placed on the ability for the operator to customise the package to suite the way their business operates.
BizTracks uses industry standard database formats which allows for the export and manipulation of data. The application can run on a standalone PC or in a multi-user environment with all major network systems supported.
BizTracks Features
In developing BizTracks, Rock Valley Software has combined over 10 years experience as a software developer and computer business operator to deliver an application that is simple, fast and logical.
BizTracks is designed to be very user friendly so that you do not have to be an IT expert or an Accountant to use the system. This means you have more time to do what you do best, run your business.
  • Easy entry and maintenance of information relating to your:
    • Banks;
    • Customers;
    • Products & Services; and
    • Suppliers.
  • Production of invoices and monthly statements on demand with a remittance advice slip included;
  • Easy processing of stock & accounts received;
  • An indispensable pop up NotePAD for organising tasks and appointments called NotesPLUS (optional module);
  • A facility to record and track jobs (optional module);
  • An extensive list of pre-designed reports;
  • The ability to export data to other applications;
  • Reliable backup and restore utilities;
  • A pop-up Calculator and Calendar that can be accessed from most places within the application; and
  • A comprehensive help system.
Every company uses different jargon and descriptions to suit their style of operation. With BizTracks you can easily customise system descriptions to match your existing terminology and, at the same time ensure consistent and reliable report results.
BizTracks has been in development and use for several years and as a consequence the product is robust and reliable. BizTracks has been rigorously tested and is constantly being enhanced based on feedback we receive from our clients.
All financial transactions can be traced from beginning to end through BizTracks. Each transaction has a code attached to identify the operator who entered the transaction. In addition, transaction reports can be printed in a variety of formats.
BizTracks uses industry standard database formats, which allow for the export and manipulation of data into other applications such as spreadsheets or word processors.
BizTracks can run on a standalone PC or in a multi-user environment with all major networks.
BizTracks Screenshot
Technical Support
Our technical support team is available via a 1300 number during standard business hours.