About CashTracks
CashTracks is a stand alone cashbook program designed for small business people who want to spend a minimum amount of time on accounting, and a maximum amount of time performing business tasks.
CashTracks is designed for non-accountants. An unlimited number of separate cash books can be maintained with a single copy of Cash Tracks.
CashTracks Features
CashTracks is a stand alone cashbook program designed for small business people.
  • A clear, uncluttered user interface for entering and amending all transactions.
  • A simple "Tick Off" method is used to reconcile your cash book entries with your bank statement. Bank fees are easily entered from your bank statement.
  • Batch totals can be entered for sessions of transaction entries, ensuring prompt error trapping.
  • Last period account balances are retained for comparisons, along with current transaction history browsers and statistics.
  • An unlimited number of separate cashbooks can be maintained with a single copy of Cash Tracks.
  • Cash Tracks retains up to 12 months of transactions which can be reported on, or browsed and amended as required.
  • A movable pop-up Calculator and Calender are available throughout the program.
  • Cash Tracks easy to use Windows based help system is available at any point throughout the program. Detailed help is available for all aspects of the programs operation.
All transactions can be tagged with the appropriate BAS label, which allows easy preparation of a quarterly or annual BAS.
Product categories, departments or enterprises within the business can be set up as Groups. Transactions can be tagged with these Groups and a report can be produced to show the gain or loss for a particular Group.
Periodic Transactions:
These are automatic transfers from and to your bank account. An unlimited number of Periodic Transactions can be established and tracked.
A standard set of accounts is supplied for you to customise to suit your organisations requirements. In conjunction with your accountant, we can prepare a set of accounts to suit your business.
  • Installation program;
  • Password protection;
  • Back-up facility;
  • Conversion for old cash books: and
  • Restore facility.
Several reports are available, each report can be printed in detail or summary form. A date range can be defined for the report allowing reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or whatever basis is required.
Reports include:
  • Bank Reconciliation;
  • Accounts Listing;
  • Cash Flow Report;
  • Expenditure Listing;
  • Income Listing;
  • Dissection Listing;
  • Group Listing;
  • Summary of GST; and
  • Tax Report.
Transactions can be found by searching on transaction number or reference, by details, (payee for a cheque) or the date of the transaction. Accounts can be found by searching on account code, account description, last cheque reference and last deposit reference.
CashTracks can run on a standalone PC or in a multi-user environment with all major networks supported.
CashTracks Screenshot
Technical Support
Our technical support team is available via a 1300 number during standard business hours.