About NotesPLUS
NotesPLUS is an independent software module developed by Rock Valley Software to operate as a stand alone application and to enhance existing software packages.
NotesPLUS is a powerful business tool used to collect, monitor and report on task orientated information.
NotesPLUS Features
NotesPLUS enables operators to record, modify and monitor tasks as well as set appointments. Each task and appointment is assigned to an operator as actions and can be reviewed for operators individually or collectively.
  • Easy entry and maintenance of notes and actions through the NotePAD;
  • PA Diary that can record and display appointments for a single or multiple operators;
  • The ability to set the status of an action as urgent, incomplete or complete;
  • The ability to assign a person to an action and set the date by which it is to be completed, as well as identify who entered the action and the date it was entered;
  • A facility that allows customer and supplier data from other applications to be imported into NotesPLUS;
  • The ability to view actions and diary appointments for one or more operators;
  • Reports that can be filtered to provide defined information for NotePad entries, actions and diary entries;
  • Browses that allow operators to quickly search for and display NotesPLUS data;
  • Reliable backup and restore utilities;
  • A comprehensive help system.
With NotesPLUS you can easily customise field descriptions to match your existing terminology and, at the same time ensure consistent and reliable report results.
NotesPLUS has been in development and use for many years and as a consequence the product is robust and reliable. NotesPLUS has been rigorously tested and is constantly being enhanced based on feedback we receive from our clients.
Each entry within NotesPLUS has a code attached to identify the operator who made the entry.
NotesPLUS uses industry standard database formats which allow for the import and manipulation of data from other software packages.
NotesPLUS can run on a standalone PC or in a multi-user environment with all major networks.
NotesPLUS Screenshot
Technical Support
Our technical support team is available via a 1300 number during standard business hours.