Download/Installation Instructions
  1. From the "Demos" page on the web site, click on "Download" for the software you are installing.
  2. A second window appears asking whether you wish to SAVE or RUN the file. The RUN option will install the software while the SAVE option will allow you to save the file on you local drive so you can run the demo later on multiple computers.

    (The file will be named according to the application that you are updating. For example a HireTracks demo; the file will be named HTSetup.exe)
If you select the SAVE option;
  1. A third window asks you WHERE TO SAVE the file on to your local drive. Remember the folder you saved it to.
  2. Using Windows Explorer navigate to the folder where you saved the file and double click on the file.
If you select the RUN option or double click on the saved file;
  1. Install the demo on your server first. The Installation Wizard appears. Follow the steps in the wizard to install the demo.
  2. After installing the demo on your server, start the program on your server (ignoring error messages if you get any). Then from the UTILITIES menu, select UPDATE & OPTIMISE and run it on your data.
  3. After the UPDATE & OPTIMISE has completed successfully on your server, install the demo on each of your work stations. There is no need to run the UPDATE & OPTIMISE on the work stations.
Notes: If you are installing our software for the first time on a computer, you will need to download & install the Demonstration/Full Version first, then the upgrade for that program.

If you only have one computer this is classified as your Server.