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The latest version of AssetMate is 2.00.30, released on 9/08/2010.
AssetMate Version Changes
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Summary of changes made to the program.

Version 2.00.30 - 09/08/2010
When importing assets from HireTracks the disposal details are updated only if the asset
was disposed of before the end of the current period.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 2.00.29 - 06/08/2010
Added the 'Last Asset Number Used' to Setup General Information.
The Closing WDV is now totalled on the Depreciation Schedule.
When importing assets from HireTracks the disposal details are now updated.
Added the ability to include Disposed Assets on the Depreciation Schedule for a previous period.

Version 2.00.28 - 25/05/2010
Updated the Data Dictionary to Version 1022.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 2.00.27 - 18/05/2010
Corrected the 'HireTracks Alias Does Not Exist' error when running Update & Optimise.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 2.00.26 - 17/05/2010
The number of licences available & in use is now displayed at the top of the screen.
When the number of licences is exceeded a message is now displayed.
Any Purchase Date can now be entered when adding a new asset.
Activated the Delete button for Supplier setup if the Supplier has not been used.
Activated the Delete button for Location setup if the Location has not been used.
Activated the Delete button for Brand setup if the Brand has not been used.
Activated the Delete button for Type setup if the Asset Type has not been used.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 2.00.25 - 13/05/2010
Increased the Serial Number to 25 characters.
When adding a new asset and the purchased date is less than the current financial period, the Start Date now defaults to the first 
day of the current financial period.

Version 2.00.24 - 12/05/2010
Enhanced the Asset Listing.
Included the Company name in all Report titles.
The Owner tag in setup can not be left blank.
Added 'Check For Updates' under help.
Activated the 'Check For Updates' on start up.

Version 2.00.23 - 11/05/2010
Added new report called Asset Listing with filters on Purchase Date & Owner.
Added to Setup the ability to define the 'Owner' label on the Maintain Assets screen.
Added a Finish button to the Asset Maintenance screen.

Versaion 2.00.22 - 05/05/2010
Removed the text 'Owners' from the 'Supplier/Owner' maintenance screen Title Bar & Menu Option.
Modified the Asset browse by removing all the depreciation detail columns & having just Code, Description, Type, Model, Brand, Supplier & Purchased. 
Listed the full Brand description on the Asset Browse.
Listed the full Type description on the Asset Browse.
The 'Support & Maintenance End Date' is now displayed on the Setup Business Details screen.
The 'Number Of Licences' is now displayed on the Setup Business Details screen.
Updated the automatic backup before month end 30/06/ccyy to include the AMCodeTypes table.
When adding a new asset the description now defaults to blank.

Version 2.00.21 - 16/04/2010
Added to Setup Information; 'Update Registration Details'.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 2.00.20 - 18/08/2009
Added the version release date to 'About AssetMate'.
The Disposal Date of an asset can't be entered or imported if it is outside the current financial period.
Displayed the Support & Maintenance expiry date under 'About AssetMate'.
If 'Disposed' is ticked by mistake & then unticked on Maintain Assets, the report now does not have the disposal date of 30/12/1899.
Now displaying the Data Dictionary Version on the Update & Optimise Files screen.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.
Version 2.00.19 - 17/04/2009
Corrected an error when using the Browse button under Setup General Information to define the location of HireTracks data.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.
Version 2.00.18 - 14/04/2009
Corrected the error when attempting to use the 'View Version Changes' option under Utilities.
Centered the 'AssetMate Logo' on the main screen.
Version 2.00.17 - 01/04/2009
Activated Alt-D to insert the date while in the Notes area on the Asset maintenance screen.
Added the Version & licence holders name to the title bar of the main screen.
Made it so AssetMate only looks to :\RVS\ to find the Data Dictionary. 
Version 2.00.16 - 23/09/2008
The Owner and Supplier on the Maintain Assets screen are now optional.
When double clicking a record on the Asset browse to select it, the browse now closes.
The New option under File now creates a new database in any folder under AssetMate without any errors.
Uploaded this version to for selected customers to download.
Version 2.00.15 - 17/09/2008
Removed the option for the operator to modify the Depreciation Methods.
Change text from 'Default Minimum Import Cost' To 'Default Minimum Purchase Cost When Importing' in setup.
Version 2.00.14 - 16/09/2008
Removed the facility to have a password to access AssetMate.
Corrected the spelling of Depreciation.
Added the text 'Notes' to the notes area for an Asset.
Locked the Asset Code & Description on the Asset Browse (F7).
Version 2.00.13 - 05/09/2008
Modified the F1 Help function to look for index.htm instead of the old help system.
Version 2.00.12 - 27/08/2008
Modified the option under File->Setup Information->HireTracks Folder For Importing so it is possible to browse to any HireTracks DataBase.
Made changes so AssetMate would operate correctly under Windows Vista.
Version 2.00.11 - 29/03/2008
Removed validation for VERSACOM from the Workstation/Server setup option under Utilities.
Version 2.00.10 - 16/01/2007
Corrected the error 'Start Date Must Be Greater Than Or Equal To Purchase Date' when adding a new asset manually when both dates are the same.
Version 2.00.09 - 15/01/2007
Changed the Calculator to the built in one instead of using the one supplied by windows.
Updated AssetMate to use the DevExpress function key buttons.
Made it so the main screen can be seen when AssetMate first starts up & if the 'Display asset maintenance screen on start up' is ticked in setup.
Version 2.00.08 - 11/01/2007
Correct error 'Table does not exist for amasset.db' when attempted to add a new asset manually.
Added calculator as part of AssetMate rather then calling the windows calculator.
Version 2.00.07 - 11/08/2005
Removed the text 'Import' from the Default Depreciation Method & Default Depreciation Rate on the Setup->General Information screen. 
Corrected the use of the default Depreciation Method & Default Depreciation Rate on the Asset Maintenance screen.
Version 2.00.05 - 06/06/2005
Removed the message "Select PREFIX, DATAFILE from '\\DataServer\Versacom\AssetMate\Datadict.db' group by PREFIX,
DATAFILE order by PREFIX, DATAFILE" when the Ageing option was taken.
Added a message saying that 'Help System Not Available' when using the help system and if it is not available.
Corrected the 'Error Creating Year End Folder' and  'Invalid use of Keyword token: ? Line # :1' when using the Ageing option.
Added the AssetMate (AM) logo to the title bar.
The Depreciation methods are no longer available for editing by the operator.
Version 2.00.02 - 27/05/2005
Corrected the 'Error Creating Year End Folder' error when using the Ageing option.
Invalid use of Keyword token: ? Line # :1 when trying to take the year end ageing also has been corrected.
Version 2.00.01 - 15/07/2004
Moved the 'Maintenance' menu option to before the 'Transactions' menu option.
Started the program up in 'Maximised' mode.
When canceling the 'Convert DataBase' option the error 'Unable to locate AssetMate DataBase' has been corrected.
Setup the program registration.
Version 2.00.00 - 01/07/2004
Released the windows version of AssetMate.
Version 1.02.01 - 19/11/2003
Added the Low Value Pool depreciation method. Added new fields to AMSETUP called LVPRATE N 6,2 & LVPFIRSTYR N 6,2
Version 1.02.00 - 25/01/2002
Disabled the DOS help system. Created a windows help file (Amate.hlp)
Version 1.19 - 23/01/2002
Corrected "Corruption Detected" error when attempting to delete an asset after HireTrak had updated AssetMate's records. Re-indexed files on each start up.
Version 1.18 - 05/07/2001
Changed the HireTrak import option so that if the owner code is left blank, no filter is set on owner code.
Version 1.17 - 20/07/2000
Added the provision when adding an item to enter cents for a disposal amount.
Corrected clearing of old depreciation details when adding an item.
Added the ability to copy all data before year ageing to a sub-folder called YearYY.
Version 1.16 - 10/01/2000
Set the default century when a 2 digit date is entered or calculated to 1900 if the 2 digits are greater than 30 and 2000 if the 2 digits are less than 31.
Version 1.15 - 20/04/99
Removed printer codes and EOF marker from reports that are viewed on the screen or sent to a file.
Changed default file name when sending a report to a file to REPORT.TXT.
The default folder for reports that are sent to a file is now REPORTS and is created under the current working folder.
Corrected the shape of the cursor when editing a record or text.
Added a Licence Fee reminder at start up if it was due.
Linked AssetMate with Blinker V5.1.
Added an option under backup to perform a quick backup, which copies all data files to a folder called BACKUP under the current folder.
Removed tracking of annual support & maintenance fee.
Version 1.14 - 17/08/98
Corrected the error 'Closing WDV Must Equal Cost Price Less Total Depreciation' by rounding the depreciation amount to 2 decimal places.
The Closing WDV now needs to be set at Zero if the item is depreciated and disposed.
Corrected a potential problem when adding a year to 1999 to get the year 2000.
Version 1.13 - 16/04/98
When importing from HireTrak the Estimated life of the item is calculated and stored in AssetMate.
Removed the ability to import items from HireTrak for a range of Owner codes.
Version 1.12 - 09/02/98
Linked with Blinker 3.3
Version 1.11 - 30/10/97
Added the 'Prime Cost (Straight Line) depreciation method to AssetMate.
Changed the length of AMASSETS->AMLIFE from 3,0 to 5,2
Version 1.10 - 13/07/97
Added mouse support.
Corrected the depreciation calculation when the rate is 100%.
The Written Down Value is now set to zero if the item has been disposed.
When using the HireTrak import option the equipment notes stored in HireTrak are imported into AssetMate.
The Loss/Gain on the depreciation report is now printed with brackets if the amount is a gain.
When importing items from HireTrak the starting purchase date of the items defaults to the dates in HireTrak rather then the processing date.
Changed the HireTrak import option so that both financed and unfinanced equipment items can be imported in the one session.
Version 1.09 - 01/06/97
Corrected the owners index file error when importing from HireTrak.
Corrected the depreciation amount for items disposed of during the financial period.
Added the difference between the disposal amount and closing WDV to report.
The depreciation schedule now does not include items that have been disposed of in a previous period.
The disposal value and difference between the disposal value & closing WDV is now totaled on the depreciation schedule.
Version 1.08 - 17/10/96
The help files are now opened only if required.
Removed the CHKOUT file on networks.
Added a warning message to start up if there are not enough file handles availble.
Version 1.07 - 02/09/96
Added disposal date & amount to depreciation report.
Added the ability to view this file.
Version 1.06 - 25/07/96
Added a minimum cost value for equipment when importing from HireTrak.
Added the ability to view and use again the HireTrak import option.
Version 1.05 - 04/07/96
Added backup Version 1.05 with file compression.
Added new printer fuction to handle up to three printers.
Version 1.04 - 25/04/96
Corrected password problem when using InfoTrace for the first time.
Corrected company name problem when using InfoTrace for the first time.
Added new field to AMASSETS->AMDISPAMT (10,2) to hold the disposal amount of the item.
When adding an item the insurance value will now default to the cost.