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The latest version of CashTracks is 4.01.13, released on 28/10/2005.
CashTracks Version Changes
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Summary of changes made to the program.

Version 4.01.13 - 28.10.2005
Modified the option under Utilities called 'Fixed Cashbook Totals' to allow the operator to modify the opening bank & cash book amounts.
Corrected a potential rounding problem when processing a transaction where by the operator was able to enter cents to 3 decimal places.
Version 4.01.12 - 15.07.2005
Enhanced the option under Utilities called 'Fix Cash Book Totals'
Version 4.01.11 - 29.01.2003
When using the 'Open Cash Book' option, the first Cash Book displayed is now the cash Book that was last updated.
Changed the 'Accounting Groups' title under codes to 'Account Groups'.
Changed the 'Done' button to 'Exit' on the Process Bank Statement screen.
On the Process bank Statement screen the Alt-D for Delete & Alt-X for Exit are now activated.
The default BAS label for an account now transfers to a transaction's dissection.
The Account Listing is now printed in order based on the account description.
Version 4.01.9 - 05.08.2002
Corrected the BAS labels not being applied when a bank charge was processed from the 'Process Bank Statement' screen.
Version 4.01.10 - 20.08.2002
Right Justified amounts in Accounts Listing
Added Edit buttons to Transactions, Process Bank Statements, Accounts and Codes.
Added an option to question the user when minimising the transaction screen to avoid large transaction inputs
being lost.
Split code screen up into 3 Screens for BAS Labels, Accounting Groups and Transaction Types.
Corrected an error occuring after printing the dissections of a transaction from the Transaction processing screen.
Version 4.01.8
Corrected the totals on the Dissection Listing report.
Added the current account balance to the account listing report.
Added the date of the last transaction to the closing Cashbook Balance on the Bank Reconciliation.
If the cash book is a trust bank account the GST & Bank Charges accounts are now not compulsory.
Corrected the Fix Cash Book Totals option under utilities for Trust Cash Books.
Version 4.01.7
Corrected the printing of a transaction dissections from the Transaction Processing Screen.
Version 4.01.6
Added a button on the Transaction Processing Screen to allow the printing of the Transaction Dissections.
Corrected the drop down on accounts dropping below the viewable area when dissecting a transaction when the screen
resolution is set to 640 x 480, plus other problems with this screen resolution. When using 640 x 480 the task bar
at the bottom of the screen needs to be set to hide or shrunk for complete visibilty.
Corrected using the edit button for payee/drawee deatils, changes made are now reflected on the drop down for payee/drawee
in the same session.
Corrected the Expenditure Listing not always showing details when the details box is ticked.
Version 4.01.5
Made changes to the way BAS labels are allocated when a transaction is dissected.
Version 4.01.4
Corrected the use of the letter "P" while processing transactions.
Version 4.01.3
Modified the "Fix Cash Book Totals" option.
Modified the way the Bank Reconcilation report displays "Error" if the entered bank balance does not match the calculated bank
Modified the Transaction Processing Screen so if CashTracks finds a transaction 99999999 whilst processing transactions it will
display a message: 'Found Transaction With Invalid Transaction Number 99999999 Reference Number XXXX. Delete Transaction Via
Process Transactions And Re-enter before processing any more transactions. WARNING, Contact Versacom Before Fixing This
Corrected the Alt-A key adding 2 records when dissecting a transaction.
Changed the description in the title bar to "Process Periodic Transaction".
Version 4.01.2
Corrected the details field on the transaction dissection being blank when the payee/drawee is selected with a letter
and the drop down is not used to select.
Added a new option under Utilities called "Fix Cash Book Totals", this option will re-calculate the current bank balance & cash
book balance.
While a cash book is being converted the hour glass is now displayed.
Changed the Periodic Transaction option, so that it functions correctly.
The Periodic Transaction option can now be activated from the Transaction screen.
Version 4.01.00
The Alt-d for Delete, Alt-a for Add & & Alt-c/Esc for Cancel are now available when dissecting a
The details field on the transaction dissection now has the payee/drawee displayed when the 
payee/drawee is selected with a letter and the drop down is not used to select the payee/drawee.
After the Balance Forward option has completed. The current period is now displayed as 30/06/CCYY
thru to 01/07/CCYY.
When the to date for reports is displayed the first digit is now displayed correctly.
All the printed landscape reports have been reduced in width by 2 characters.
Added "GST" to the headings Collected & Sent for the Summary Of GST Report.
An account can now be deleted if it has no transactions attached or is not in use in Periodic
Transactions or Cash Book setup.
The account code can be changed if there is no transactions attached to the account.
The DOS conversion will not be halted if DemoDET->Details is blank or if there is a problem that
is non-critical.
When backing up Cash Tracks will now display a warning that an existing backup exists before it
Version 4.0.80
Included on the Dissection Listing for trust cash books an opening balance.
Version 4.0.79
Corrected "Duplicate Disection" error occuring when modifing transactions.
Version 4.0.78
Changed the Cash Flow report headings.
Added the hour glass while Cash Tracks is loading.
Allowed the amount to be changed when processing a Periodic Transaction from the Process
Bank Statement screen.
When processing a transaction the type now defaults to the last transaction type processed.
The number of entries in the drop down on "Payee/Drawee" is now 15.
The transaction amount field when processing a transaction now defaults to empty.
Changed the font for all reports to Times New Roman.
Included the transaction details on the Income & Expenditure Listings.
The current or active account is now hi-lighted instead of the first account when browsing the
Accounts under File->Accounts.
Version 4.0.77
Corrected the Cash Flow report when there was over 100 accounts.
Changed Cash Tracks to function correctly over an network.
Version 4.0.76
Added the ability for the operator to decide if they wish to overwrite a previous copy of a cash
book before the Balance Forward option has been taken.
Version 4.0.75
Corrected the cash flow report from duplicating an account code when the report was printed
without account codes.
Added the windows calculator.
Version 4.0.72 - 03.09.2001
Made changes to the location of help files.
Sent update to all customers.
Version 4.0.70 - 23.08.2001
Program re-written in windows.
Sent update to selected customers for testing.
Version 3.34 - 30.06.2000
Removed available disk space & replaced it with the processing date on the
main screen and centered the current directory information.
Version 3.33 - 21.04.2000
Added the ability to use the  function key when finished disecting a
transaction, to automatically calculate the GST (10%) and to add the
appropriate dissection.
Sent update to all users.
Version 3.32 - 31.03.2000
Modified the default Chart Of Accounts to include accounts to handle GST.
Added three new fields to each cash book setup called GSTIN,C,6 & GSTEX,C,6 &
GSTOUT,C,6 to define the accounts used to track GST collected, paid & sent to
the ATO.
Changed the  browse to display the Chart Of Accounts in description order,
with the ability to press a letter to find an account.
Changed the Browse option on the side menu of the Chart Of Accounts maintenance
screen to display accounts in description order with the ability to press a
letter to find an account.
Shortened the title on the Group Listing so more of the cash book title could be
Added a new GST Summary report.
Version 3.31 - 06.03.2000
Removed CMS from Cash Tracks.
Modified the 'Chart Of Accounts' list.
Corrected the problem when pressing the 'INS' key for the first time to add a
disection when amending or processing transactions.
Adjusted the position of the help box by 2 spaces for transaction type when
processing a transaction.
Version 3.30 - 23.02.2000
Added Version 2.03 of CMS to Cash Tracks.
Version 3.29 - 10.01.2000
Set the default century when a 2 digit date is entered or calculated to 1900 if
the 2 digits are greater than 30 and 2000 if the 2 digits are less than 31.
Added Version 2.02 of CMS to Cash Tracks.
Version 3.28 - 15.08.99
Added an option on the Chart Of Accounts screen to sort accounts into strict
alphabetical order.
Removed tracking of annual support and maintenance fee.
Version 3.27 - 01.06.99
Altered the way in which Cash Tracks is run from CABS.
Added CMS Version 2 (Cost Management System) to Cash Tracks.
Version 3.26 - 14.04.99
Removed printer codes and EOF markers from reports that are viewed on the screen
or sent to a file.
Changed default file name when sending a report to a file to REPORT.TXT.
The default folder for reports that are sent to a file is now REPORTS and is
created under the current working folder.
Corrected the shape of the cursor when editing a record or text.
Added a Licence Fee reminder at start up if it was due.
Added the ability to print the cash flow report between two dates.
Linked Cash Tracks with Blinker V5.1.
Version 3.25 - 27.08.98
Changed all dates to include 4 digit century instead of 2 digits ie dd/mm/yyyy.
Added new field to CBSETUP to keep track of the annual licence & support fee.
Changed the initial length of a transaction's description from 25 to 30.
Version 3.24 - 26.08.98
Corrected the searching on the first character of the Account description when
processing a transation.
Version 3.23 - 18.08.98
Corrected the total of the Capital Accounts for the current period on the Cash
Flow Report.
Version 3.22 - 09.02.98
Linked with Blinker V3.3
Version 3.21 - 13.07.97
Added mouse support.
Version 3.20 - 20.04.97
Corrected the Import Transations option by correcting the Alias Does Not Exist
(CBNTX) error.
Version 3.19 - 16.04.97
Changed the dissection listing for Trust cash books so the opening balance for
each Disbursement account appears on the CREDIT side and the opening balance for
each Receipts account appears on the DEBIT side.
Version 3.18 - 11.04.97
Allowed the amend option to be used with a trust cashbook.
Added the last years balance to the Dissection Listing for Trust Cash Books.
Version 3.17 - 3.12.96
Corrected the problem when no group account is selected when processing a bank
charge through the 'Process Bank Statement' option.
Corrected the Data Type Error when amending and if the dissection had been
deleted prior to adding a new dissection.
Version 3.16 - 22.11.96
Added the text "**ERROR**" to the closing bank balance on the bank rec if what
was entered by the user did not match the calculated closing bank balance.
Version 3.15 - 21.11.96
Changed the Balance Forward procedure for Trust cash books.
Version 3.14 - 06.11.96
Added the ability to print the CashFlow report without the account codes.
Changed the browse of accounts when processing a transaction to be displayed in
account type plus description order.
Added a 25 character details field to the transaction dissections.
Added a warning message to the start if there are not enough file handles available.
Version 3.13 - 14.10.96
Changed the order that the Chart Of Accounts is printed in, to Account Type order.
The help files are now opened only if required.
Removed the CHKOUT file on networks.
Version 3.12 - 27.08.96
Corrected the browse for dissecting transactions when deleting the last disection.
Corrected the amend option.
Version 3.11 - 19.07.96
Added new printer fuction to handle up to three printers.
Version 3.10
Altered the way CashTrak increases and stores the transaction number.
Version 3.09 - 20.05.96
Changed the CashFlow report date to the last date of a transaction rather than
the last bank reconcillation date.
Added the ability to print the CashFlow report by Groups.
When processing a cheque the default details will now be blank.
After using the  key to disect a transaction the cursor bar will now move
to the last record.
Added the ability to disect a bank charge to a Group Account when processing it
from the Process Bank Statement screen.
When ticking off transactions the cursor bar will now drop down to the next record.
Corrected the Summarised Dissection Listing totals when listing used 2nd page.
Added a new index file for CBCODES, on COTYPE+COCODE
Changed the way often used cheque & deposit details are stored the (A)dd
(D)elete and (E)dit keys are used instead of ,  & .
Added an option under Utilities to allow the removal of a cash book.
Changed the screen from 'Current' to 'Previous' financial period when setting up
a new cash book.
Version 3.08 - 22.04.96
Corrected the problem with amending a transaction by removing prior transactions
Version 3.07 - 24.01.96
Changed the way CBCODES is used. It now is backed up and restored with the
cashbook files, this file holds the Expense, Income & Account Group type codes.
Added more details to the history browse on the Chart Of Accounts maintenance.
Changed the searches on the COA from Last Income/Expense ref to Transaction
and Reference number.
Corrected the problem with restoring a cashbook, the TRS.DBF is now
copied to the hard disk.
Version 3.06 - 19.01.96
Fixed the Group Listing report so it would print Credit transactions and the
correct Reference and Details
Version 3.05 - 15.01.96
Added the ability to define the range of accounts and groups on the Account
Groups Listing.
Added a new index to the Transaction Header file CBTRHNUM.NTX
Version 3.04 - 26.10.95
Fixed the formatting of the CashFlow report so it form feeds correctly.
A period end date is now inputted & printed for the cash flow report.
The dissection listing start date now defaults to the end of the previous
financial period plus one day.
When taking the balance forward option the end of the previous financial
period can now be entered by the user.
Added a Working... to the dissection listing.
Added the ability for a cash book to be set up as a trust cash book.
Version 3.03 - 22.09.95
Modified the alert colour for mono systems to be the same as the box colour.
Compiled with Clipper 5.3 & Blinker 3.2
Version 3.02 - 29.08.95
A periodic payment must be setup before it can be processed from the Process
Bank Statement screen.
Fixed the browse on other transactions so the type displayed the actual type
rather than a T or F.
Now when a bank charge or periodic payment is entered from the bank processing
screen it is reconciled and a tick is displayed.
The user now enters the period end date for the bank reconciliation rather than
using the processing date, this is entered when performing the process bank
statement option.
The actual bank statement balance is now entered before a bank reconciliation
is prepared and then any difference is printed on the bank rec.
The account balance is now printed for each account on the dissection list.
Version 3.01 - 22.08.95
Fixed backup so the TRS.DBF file is copied to the floppy disk.
Version 3.00 - 14.08.95
Added the ability to print the disection listing for a range of accounts.
The Search on transaction details when processing the bank statement is now a
part and repeat search.
When processing a transaction and  is pressed for a lookup on the chart
of accounts, the first letter of the account can now be used to locate the account.
Added an index for the transaction header on transaction date, this corrects the
from and to date range on reports.
Changed the summarised dissection listing so it will not be printed in condensed
print and added period and account range to the report.
Fixed the scrolling problem when deleting a record while processing the bank
statement by adding a new field to the transaction header record to hold the tick.
Changed the 'Financial Year End' option to 'Balance Forward'.
Stopped the entry of invalid characters when setting up a new cash book.
Removed the 'Delete A CashBook' option from utilities.
When the balance forward option is taken and a different cashbook is selected
the title at the top of the screen is refreshed.
Added a lookup on bank change code when altering the cash book setup.
Removed the getting of the bank charge code when setting up a new cashbook.
Added an extra file for each cash book to hold commonly used details for
cheques and deposits.
Changed the backup and restore options so they can be used by accountants to
restore clients cashbook data.
Version 2.04 - 06.06.95
Changed the history browse on Chart Of Accounts maintenance.
Added a check on entering transaction type when processing a transaction.
Displayed the type of transaction instead of a "T" or "F" for the "TYPE" heading
on browses which involved transactions. This problem came about because when
the new cash book files where created the fields in TRH where in the wrong order.
Version 2.03 - 05.04.95
Added the ability to send reports to screen, file or printer
Version 2.01 - 25.11.94
Added options to import transactions from a QuickLine file.
Version 2.02 - 28.11.94
Fixed index files problem which occurred on some PC's.
Cleared the screen when leaving CashTrak.
Added a index on accounts (Account Type plus Account Desc). Set it to active
when displaying the account browse when doing transactions.
Changed the import transactions option so that only files with an extension of
"QIF" will be available to import from.
Version 2.00 - 01.11.94
First release as a stand alone program, un-attached from CABS.