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The latest version of NotesPlus is 3.02.59, released on 23/08/2013.
NotesPlus Version Changes
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Recent summary of changes made to the program.

Version 3.02.59	- 23/08/2013
Added Data Dictionary Version 1063
Installed QuickReports V5 with PDF, TXT & CSV for exporting reports.
Removed eDocEngine VCL for exporting reports.
When saving reports the default type is now PDF.
Modified the owner registration screen to correct a problem when changing the details.
Added the version to the windows title bar.
Fixed the Browse so all records are displayed after a NotePAD Entry Summary had been produced.
Modified the NotePAD Entry summary report, removing the last 3 fields from HireTracks & BizTracks.
Modified the Report Preview screen so the windows minimise button is unavailable.
Uploaded to website.

Version 3.02.58 - 21/09/2012
Added Data Dictionary Version 1057
Uploaded to website.

Version 3.02.58 - 07/02/2012
Added Data Dictionary Version 1056.
Improved the Backup & Restore facility.
Uploaded to website.

Version 3.02.55 - 16/11/2011
Corrected a Exception EConvert Error when running NotesPLUS for the first time with 
Windows 7 or Windows 2008 server.
Included the Data Dictionary Version 1050.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.53 - 16/02/2011
Included the Data Dictionary Version 1038.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.53 - 16/02/2011
Updated NotesPLUS to use the Data Dictionary Version 1037.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.49 - 07/12/2010
Included the Data Dictionary Version 1025.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.49 - 09/07/2010
Updated NotesPLUS to use the Data Dictionary Version 1024.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.47 - 23/06/2010
Updated NotesPLUS to use the Data Dictionary Version 1023.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.46 - 08/06/2010
Changed the way NotesPLUS runs from within HireTracks & CABS, it nows runs as a separate exe.
Added 'Check For Updates'under help and at the operator level.
When browsing entries the entry source is now displayed; Customer, Supplier Or NotesPLUS entry.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.45 - 25/05/2010
Updated NotesPLUS to use the Data Dictionary Version 1022.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.

Version 3.02.43 - 11/08/2009
Modified the NotePAD Entry Summary to allow for the new Contacts table in HireTracks
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.
Version 3.02.42 - 04/08/2009
Now displaying the Data Dictionary Version on the Update & Optimise Files screen.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.
Version 3.02.40 - 14/04/2009
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.
Version 3.02.38 - 28/03/2009
Corrected the 'Actions/Appointments Listing' where by the customer number had the last digit missing & there was some information being covered by a horizontal line when the 'Include Address & Contact Details' was ticked.
Version 3.02.37 - 25/03/2009
Removed the 'Support Information' menu option under Help & updated 'About NotesPLUS' with information.
Version 3.02.36 - 20/10/2008
Changed the 'Update Optimise Files' option so it looks at the c:\RVS\ Or c:\Program Files\Versacom\ folder for the current Data Dictionary.
Version 3.02.35 - 03/10/2008
Corrected a problem with adding a new action where by the error 'When Specifing Alert, Complete All Preferences' was displayed when attempting to add a new action.
Added this version to HireTracks V6.05.150.
Uploaded this version to for all customers to download.
Version 3.02.34 - 01/10/2008
Modified the Alert on Actions & made the default for 'Alert Check Interval' in Setup to 5 minutes.
Added this version to HireTracks V6.05.149.
Version 3.02.33 - 20/08/2008
Made changes for Windows Vista operating system.
Corrected protential problem with the log in count when using the Workstation/Server setup & the Backup & Restore option.
Updated the Copyright message under Help, About NotesPLUS & Support Information.
Modified CABS & HireTracks setup so NotesPLUS can't be setup if NotesPLUS's DataBase is not available.
Uploaded this version to for selected customers to download.
Version 3.02.32 - 01/08/2008
Corrected an Access Violation error on closing.
Version 3.02.27 - 17/07/2008
Corrected a problem when first opening NotesPLUS with the Actions/Diary tab there was no actions listed for the selected operator.
Corrected a problem on the Actions Tab where by there was no names displayed.
Corrected a problem when double clicking on an action on the Actions tab and the NotePAD entry was not found & displayed.
Made modifications to area that controls the number of licences.
Corrected an access violation on the Diary/Actions tab when using an operator that was unknown to NotesPLUS.
Version 3.02.26 - 15/07/2008
Added a new option under Utilities called 'Merge NotesPLUS Entries' to move notes & actions to a different customer.
Made program modifications to improve performance.
Version 3.02.25 - 09/07/2008
Removed validation for VERSACOM from the Workstation/Server setup option under Utilities.
Added the 'Alert Check Interval' option to setup to instruct NotesPLUS how often to check for Alerts.
Increased the font size for both reports.
Added a tick box on the Actions/Appointment listing which allows the printing of only Incomplete actions.
Corrected the problem where by when viewing the diary thru CABS unless the operator is selected the diary record are not displayed.
Uploaded this version to for selected customers to download.
Version 3.02.24 - 20/03/2008
Modified the Workstation/Sever setup option under utilities to allow browsing to the root directory of the hard drive.
Added this version to HireTracks & CABS.
Version 3.02.23 - 01/03/2008
Added the ability to include Address & Contact details on the Actions/Appointments Listing via a tick box called 'Include address & contact details' and if ticked include the data from the 9 fields setup in 'Configure Import Sources'.
Version 3.02.21 - 10/05/2007
Removed all spaces when inserting the Date & Time (Alt-T) & made the date format the same as when using ALT-D.
Corrected an error when trying to modify an action when the same action was opened in modify mode by another work station.
Added a key press search to the NotePAD Entry Import.
De-activate the Remove Action button for all operators except the DB Administrator.
De-activate the Delete button for all operators except the DB Administrator.
Added a facility to setup repeat actions for Daily, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly & Yearly actions.
Removed the HireTracks warning message When setting an operator as a DB Administrator.
Added this version to HireTracks & CABS version 6.05.85.
Version 3.02.20 - 13/09/2006
Added the time to the date an action was added.
Added the ability to insert the Date & Time (Alt-T) into the NotesPAD when in modify mode.
Changed the text on the 'Diary' tab to 'Actions' when the Diary is displaying actions.
After running the Update & Optimise and viewing the Data Dictionary thru HireTracks all fields are now displayed.
Added the ability select & copy the text ie name & address.
Version 3.02.19 - 17/07/2006
The Calendar (F12) when used now defaults to the processing date.
Corrected the Actions/Appointments Listing being printed with repeated actions.
Version 3.02.18 - 11/04/2006
If there is one import source & an entry is being added the one import source is the default. If there are many import sources then the default is blank.
The import source tags are now displayed regardless of if there is data in them or not.
Version 3.02.17 - 10/04/2006
When the F6 key is pressed at the main menu of HireTracks or CABS and there is an action in NotesPLUS marked as urgent, the entry that has the urgent action is now found regardless of the action by date.
Version 3.02.14 - 06/04/2006
Made changes to help with performance when opening NotesPLUS from within HireTracks.
When adding a new NotePAD entry actions from the previously displayed entry are now cleared.
When adding a new NotePAD entry the default entry type is now blank.
After running the Update & Optimise with version 3.02.13 just installed, the path for the new local db is now set correctly in Configure Import Sources.
Changed the title bar text to 'Add NotePAD Entry" & the text to 'NotePAD Entry Type' when adding a NotePAD entry.
Removed the 1st name from the NotesPLUS main field when adding a NotePAD entry.
Pressing the F1 key now activates the help system correctly.
Version 3.02.13 - 03/04/2006
Changed the general error message to only display the current error message.
When the NotePAD entry browse is first displayed the key-press search will function without clicking on the browse first.
Corrected the problem when importing if the record already exist a message is generated asking if you want to be taken to that entry with 'Yes' or 'No' options available. If you do not click on 'Yes' or 'No' but click on the import grid you could continue with the message minmised on the task bar.
When importing there is now 5 fields showing to help find the correct record to import into NotesPLUS. Removed the option to have two main fields.
Added warning messages to the work station & server setup option.
Aftering running a NotesPLUS report from within HireTracks or CABS the original default directory is now restored.
Disabled the minimising of all forms and disabled maximising if required.
The calculator code is now embedded in NotesPLUS and does not rely on the operating system's calculator.
Improved the way records are imported from CABS & HireTracks into NotesPLUS.
The 'Update' button on the diary now works over a network.
Changed NotesPLUS coyright message to 2006.
Added a new table to NotesPLUS called NPLocal.db, this table holds NotesPLUS records only, there are 9 fields that are setup in Configure Import Sources.
When the F6 key is pressed & the operator is at the main menu of HireTracks or CABS, NotesPLUS locates the entry that has an incomplete action due, in all other cases ie on the invoice screen or customer screen NotesPLUS locates the entry for the active customer or supplier.
Alt-O (Ok) on the NotePAD entry screen now saves any entry changes.
Version 3.02.12
Corrected a problem with the Alerts not firing if there was an alert in the future setup for the same entry.
Version 3.02.11
Combined and enhanced the Server and Work Station Setup options under Utilities.
Version 3.02.08 - 14/06/2005
Corrected the problem of losing the cursor when an alert is displayed while editing a record in HireTracks.
The Action/Appointments Listing now list Appointments in time order.
Corrected the Timestamp error after closing Actions/Appointments Listing.
Corrected the error 'Invalid Floating Point Operation' when adding an alert of 15 mins to an existing appointment.
The hour glass is now turned off after NotesPLUS has checked for an alert.
Version 3.02.07 - 01/05/2005
Deleting an operator is now Ok.
Corrected a problem where by sometimes the actions/appointments listing would print off every action.
Version 3.02.06
The Actions/Appointments Listing Report has been reordered so that appointments appear in time order.
Version 3.02.04
Added the ability to modify and start new actions from the diary Tab.
Changed Entry Reporting to be more accurate.
Changed Reports font sizes to improve congruency.
Changed appearance of the date added field when editing actions.
Added ability to include two fields to be imported from other software source, rather than only one.
Improved Alert window so that it integrates better when showing on top of other applications.
Changed Alerts to include the Name field for better workflow.
Actions/Appointments Listing now has a Completed column.
Changed Login form to remove Processing Date which is not used in NotesPLUS.
Changed Diary so that an appointment shows only the description on the row of the start of it.
Version 3.02.00
Added functionality to be able to set alerts before or after tasks or appointments. Alerts can be further delayed or dismissed once displayed. 
Improved interface congruency.
Version 3.01.53
Added hour glass when running the 'Update and Optimise' function
When the Data Source for NotesPLUS is changed under 'General Information' in HireTracks the operator no longer has to log out and then log back in before the changes will take place
Version 3.01.51
Speed Improvements
Enabled the addition of NotePAD Entries which have the same code (though are from a different source)
Version 3.01.50
Added operator select to Actions/Appointments listing to allow selection of multiple operators
Added operator select to Diary portion of NotesPLUS which allows selection of multiple operators or a single operator to see the incomplete actions or appointments for those operator(s)
Made the delete button for NotePAD entries more descriptive to prevent accidental deletion of important entries, or the deletion of an entry instead of an action
Improved integration with HireTracks and CABS
Re-enabled database backup and restore
Indicator column for Urgent actions placed in Action Listing on NotePAD and on Diary in Incomplete Actions
Version 3.01.49 - 15/03/2004
Speed improvements with database access
Version 3.01.47 - 09/03/2004
Corrected problem where the processing date was changed when running through HireTracks
Changed the method of database access to improve speed
Version 3.01.46 - 02/03/2004
Urgent action capability added
Actions can now have an author (Action From)
The ability to Logout has been added
NotesPLUS data can now be associated with an individual HireTracks or CABS business, allowing better privacy and data organisation
Version 3.01.43 - 24/02/2004
Diary feature added - can now click on an appointment to go to the NotePAD Entry
Improved integration with CABS and HireTracks
Version 3.01.42 -- 17/02/2004
Urgent field added to Actions
Author (Action From) field added to actions
Added Ability to Logout
Enhanced PIN entry to make it more user friendly
NotesPLUS gives helpful hints when it cannot open the database
Diary Tab was modified to allow switching between full view of actions and appointments
Multiple NotesPLUS instances can now be created and accessed